Berkeley Lab


Applied Nuclear Physics is a research program consisting of nearly 50 scientists, engineers, and postdocs at LBNL and faculty, postdocs, and students from UC Berkeley ... Read More ››
Scientists are working on a mobile radiation detection platform developed and built by ANP
ANP graduate research student Ross Barnowski is testing prototype of a new radiation detector
ANP scientist Joseph Curtis recording radiation detection measurements
ANP Director Kai Vetter and ANP scientist Andrew Haefner are testing a radation detection system developed at ANP
ANP scientists Tenzing Joshi, Kai Vetter and Andrew Haefner (left to right) discussing aerial radiation detection system

About Us

Whether studying the limits of nuclear existence, searching for yet-to be discovered neutrino interaction processes and neutrino properties, looking for some of the most explosive events in our universe or enabling new ways to “see” nuclear radiation around us or in us, we are building the necessary concepts and sensors to enable it. Our sensors or radiation detectors can be carried around, mounted on manned or unmanned helicopters, on balloons, or mounted on cars or trucks to meet the specific needs across the large range of applications.