Berkeley Lab

Instrumentation and Data Integration

The Instrumentation and Data Integration Group conducts research across two major areas; radiation detector technologies, and advanced algorithms and data analysis techniques.

In some cases, our research takes place at the interface of these areas where we are active in the development of novel concepts in multi-sensor data integration and analysis for enhanced detection performance.

The application space of our work spans fundamental science, national and homeland security, and nuclear non-proliferation and is sponsored by a range of government agencies including the Department of Energy (DoE), Department of Homeland Security Domestic Nuclear Detection Office (DHS, DNDO), and the Department of Defense (DoD).

The group collaborates with various US universities, national laboratories, and industrial partners. In addition to our research and development activities, we also engage in the provision of technical support and advice to government agencies.

Ongoing research projects include:

Development of Ultra High Rate Ge (UHRGe) Detectors (DOE, DNN R&D)
Mobile Urban Radiation Search (MURS) System (DHS, DNDO)
The Radiological Multisensor Analysis Platform (RadMAP) (DHS, DNDO)
Machine Vision Enhanced Radiological Source Detection (DHS, DNDO)
COHERENT: CEnNS Study at the Spallation Neutron Source
Development of Next Generation Gamma-Ray Tracking detectors (LBNL LDRD)
Algorithm Development and Modeling for the SIGMA Program (DARPA)