Berkeley Lab

Successful demonstration of real-time Scene Data Fusion or 3D Volumetric Imaging with hand-portable High-Efficiency Multimode Imager HEMI

hemi_image006Recently we have demonstrated real-time Scene Data Fusion of visual information and gamma-ray sources with a high degree of accuracy, in 3-D[cite ross’s paper]. For that work, we utilized a cart based Compton camera system. We have recently adapted this method with our High Efficiency Multi-mode Imager (HEMI) which is a hand-held Compton gamma-ray camera. Using this device we can locate gamma-ray sources in real-time in indoor 3-D environments. This creates more accurate maps of gamma-ray distributions while also providing contextual information for where the sources are in the scene. This technology is useful for applications that involve searching for unknown gamma-ray sources. It is also useful when the distribution of sources is unknown, such as in Fukushima, Japan. In that case it is especially of interest to locate concentrated hotspots.