Berkeley Lab


ANP’s core competencies are built upon several research focus areas, ranging from contextual sensor data fusion to data management.

Algorithm development

ANP is developing innovative algorithms and frameworks to enable more robust radiation detection capabilities, including modeling variable gamma-ray backgrounds, enabling development, testing and deployment of spectroscopic detection algorithms, and enabling real-time, 3-D gamma-ray image reconstruction. Learn more.

Contextual Sensor and Radiation Data Fusion

Fusing contextual and radiation data through the development of new detection systems and algorithms enables the visualization of radioactive sources and contamination. This capability has been applied to a variety of platforms and systems including handheld, small unmanned aerial systems, cars or SUVs, and large manned helicopters for applications including environmental mapping and decommissioning in Fukushima Prefecture. Learn more.

Data management

ANP is developing web-based data management platforms to facilitate data exploration, retrieval, online and offline analysis, and sharing across multiple DOE laboratories and contractors. For example, the Berkeley Data Cloud is being developed to facilitate dissemination of physical sensor data for initiatives, such as the Multiple Informatics for Nuclear Operations Scenarios  (MINOS) Venture. Learn more.

Detector development (Semiconductor Detector Laboratory)

 ANP is pushing the limits for operation of ultra-low noise and high-rate Germanium detectors for next generation gamma-ray detection for nuclear structure physics, neutrino and dark matter science, and astrophysics. Learn more.

Sensor networks

Large-scale, ubiquitous, and distributed radiation detection sensor networks can enhance the ability to passively detect, localize, and track radiological and/or nuclear threats.  Members of the ANP are engaged in the development of software for the simulation and analysis of sensor networks, research into advanced algorithms for source localization and tracking, and the development of multi-sensor packages for deployment with static sensor networks. Learn more.

Simulation and modeling

Complementary to the data management work, ANP is also developing simulation and modeling tools and maintains Monte Carlo-based modeling capabilities based in GEANT and MCNP to apply to detector design and deployment problems. For example, the Urban Deployment Model is a toolset that enables simulation, analysis, and optimization of highly distributed heterogeneous radiation detector networks in real world environments. Learn more.