Berkeley Lab


2015_04_22 NE Advisory Board Meeting Investigation of Directional Dependence in Anthracene and Stilbene Detectors
Patricia Schuster, Deptartment of Nuclear Engineering, UC Berkeley

icra15_zhangSensor Fusion for Semantic Segmentation of Urban Scenes
Richard Zhang, Stefan A. Candra, Kai Vetter, Avideh Zakhor
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, UC Berkeley
Department of Nuclear Engineering, UC Berkeley

Poster_MaritimeMeasurements_WMS_March2015Emergency Response Demonstration:
PRISM System for At-Sea Maritime Field Tests
Collaboration project between RSL, LBNL, LLNL, ORNL, SNL
LBNL PI: L. Mihailescu, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, USA ,
LBNL Investigators: P. Barton, M. Turqueti, A. Haefner, R. Barnowski, V. Negut, P. Luke, M. Amman, K. Vetter

SORMA_Poster_RBImpact of Event Quality on 3D Localization for Gamma-ray Imaging with Scene Data Fusion
Ross Barnowski, Andrew Haefner, Donald Gunter, Lucian Mihailescu, Kai Vetter
UC Berkeley, Department of Nuclear Engineering LBNL, Applied Nuclear Physics, Gunter Physics, Inc.

UITI-2015-Poster-JohnReadyInitial Simulation and Measurement Results of a New Aperture-Based Imaging System for High-energy Gamma Rays
John Ready, Rebecca Pak, Lucian Mihailescu, Kai Vetter
University of California, Berkeley
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory