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Paul Barton

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Paul Barton

Principal Scientific Engineering Associate 

Applied Nuclear Physics

Nuclear Science Division

Paul Barton has been an engineer in the Applied Nuclear Physics group at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory since 2010.  He received his Ph.D in Nuclear Engineering at the University of Michigan where he designed and fabricated low-noise semiconductor detectors.  Paul brings a strong background in analog and digital electronics, and is currently responsible for the design and fabrication of low-mass front-end (LMFE) readout boards for the MAJORANA collaboration.  Additional efforts in low-noise ASIC-based readout of semiconductor detectors attempt to uncover the potential for advanced portable detection technologies.  He is currently working on the 5th edition of Glenn Knoll’s Radiation Detection and Measurement.


  • Low Mass Front End Electronics for the Majorana Collaboration
  • Ultra-Low Noise Germanium for Neutrino Detection
  • PRISM – A CZT-Based Compton / Coded-Aperture Hybrid Gamma-Ray Imager
  • Scientific CCD-Based Diagnostics for MeV Photon Beams
  • Room Temperature Organic Liquid Time Projection Chambers for Antineutrino Detection