Berkeley Lab

Patricia Schuster

Ppatriciaschusteratricia Schuster

Graduate Student

Department of Nuclear Engineering

University of California, Berkeley

Patricia’s research aims to develop radiation detection materials and instrumentation for a broad range of nuclear security applications. A major focus of her work lies in understanding the light production and energy transfer mechanisms in organic scintillator materials, which have long been used as radiation detectors and offer simultaneous detection of fast neutrons and gamma rays. Her dissertation studied the scintillation anisotropy that exists in organic crystal scintillators. This anisotropy is an interesting signature that reveals information about the complex internal energy transfer processes. She is also interested in nuclear security technologies and policy, and has engaged actively with the policy community to understand the complex challenges that exist in nuclear security. She will join the University of Michigan NERS Department as a President’s Postdoctoral Fellow in September 2016.
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