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Nicolas Abgrall

nicoNicolas Abgrall

Senior Scientific Engineering Associate

Applied Nuclear Physics

Nuclear Science Division

Nico obtained his BSc, MSc at the University of Geneva, Switzerland, where he completed his Ph.D. in particle physics on the neutrino flux predictions for the T2K neutrino oscillation experiment, JPARC, Japan. He spent part of his Ph.D. work at CERN on dedicated campaigns of hadron production measurements with a replica of the T2K target. In July 2012 he joined the LBNL neutrino group of the Nuclear Science Division as a postdoctoral fellow on the Majorana Demonstrator neutrinoless double beta decay experiment. He served four years as the deputy task leader of the detector group where he helped design/characterize the Majorana low-background low-noise front-end electronics and led the production and QA of both back-end and front-end electronics. Nico joined the Instrumentation and Data Integration group of the ANP program in June 2016. His research mainly focuses on algorithm developments for large-scale radiation sensor deployments and for applications of machine learning approaches to radiation detection.