Berkeley Lab

DoseNet preparing to go online

Dosenet_image002RadWatch is now ready to expand by taking our efforts to reach out to the public into the classroom. The DoseNet project aims to put networked dosimeter devices in schools around the Bay Area and eventually beyond. This will give both the public and the students access to real world data showing how levels of background radiation vary in time and location, in order to better understand the significance of environmental radiation. In the future, there is potential for expansion to a wider range of locations and sensor types (UV, air quality, temperature, etc.), with students able to directly contribute to the addition of new sensors.

We hope to use this as a platform for connecting students and schools in our network with each other and with our UC Berkeley team, to build a community around environmental scientific investigations. We have two schools, Campolindo High School and Pinewood School which are ready to become part of our pilot project. Additionally, we have local, regional (Oregon) and even international (Japan) interest. Once our devices are installed and running in these schools, the DoseNet website will display a map of all our locations, with near real-time readings, as well as further details about the project and information for new schools interested in getting involved.