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ANP researchers conduct radiation measurement campaign in Fukushima Prefecture

ANP researchers, Andy Haefner, Tenzing Joshi, and Erika Suzuki participated in a joint-measurement campaign with the Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA) to measure and visualize radiation contamination in the exclusion zone within Fukushima Prefecture.

The campaign focused on areas in which residents have not yet returned in three towns: Minamisoma, Tomioka, and Okuma, and involved measuring public buildings, such as schools, as well as private homes. The goal of the campaign was to measure environmental radiation levels in towns that are expected to be resettled within the next few years to show whether any hotspots remained after decontamination efforts, as well as how the contamination levels have changed over time before and after decontamination. The results will be used to inform municipal officials, as well as returning residents of the status of radiation contamination within their respective towns.




Andy Haefner (second from left) and Tenzing Joshi (far right) with the JAEA team.