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Ryan Pavlovsky


Ryan Pavlovsky

Postdoctoral Scholar

Applied Nuclear Physics

Ryan Pavlovsky is a Postdoctoral Scholar at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. His research interests include the development of lightweight/handheld multisensor radiation detectors for 3D gamma-ray mapping. Specifically Ryan aided in the development of the Localization and Mapping Platform (LAMP), a sensor suite that enables Realtime 3D Gamma-ray Mapping. LAMP has been demonstrated in as a proximity imager with Unmanned Aerial Systems and in handheld applications for distribution mapping and decontamination efforts in the Fukushima Prefecture. Currently Ryan is interested in hardware development for pixelated scintillator and semiconductor detector packages that form the core of a LAMP system as Compton Imagers. He continues to support commercial radiation detector integration with the LAMP system.

Ryan received his PhD at the University of California, Berkeley in 2017. His dissertation focused on the development of 3D Proximity Imagers and the exploration of silicon based Electron Track Compton Imagers. Ryan previously made contributions to RadWatch, an outreach effort aimed at public education about naturally occurring background radiation. He aided in the development of the RadWatch Realtime Airmonitor, and in the prototype development of touchscreen, interactive dosimeter to enable students to learn about radiation, code and other sensors. Together these projects span a wide range of educational content promoting radiation literacy, computer literacy and modern science. More information can be found at Ryan has taught or led the lab section of Nuclear Engineering 104: Introduction to Radiation Detection for 6 semesters.