Berkeley Lab

Ryan Pavlovsky


Ryan Pavlovsky

Graduate Student

Department of Nuclear Engineering

University of California, Berkeley

Ryan Pavlovsky is a Nuclear Engineering PhD Candidate at the University of California, Berkeley. His research interests include lightweight/handheld multisensor radiation detectors for 2/3D proximity mapping, GEANT4 dose estimation for internal/external radionuclide exposure, and silicon CCD-strip detectors for improved time resolution in electron track Compton imaging. Ryan has made significant contributions to the RadWatch outreach effort by communicating with the public and public offices about naturally occurring radiation in the environment, assisting the development of the RadWatch Realtime Airmonitor, and in the development of a touchscreen, interactive and cheap dosimeter that allows students to learn about radiation, code and external sensors. Together these projects span a wide range of educational content promoting radiation literacy, computer literacy and modern science.

For the past 4yrs Ryan has lead or taught the lab section for NE104, a class that provides students with the basics of Radiation Detection.